Susan at play in the Pacific at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Painted from a self portrait.

Spring online fundraiser for 2021

The Friday and Saturday sale at FlowerWorks in Marquette was a great success! We only have 22 of the original 94 works of art  remaining! Our Spring Fundraiser is for The Superior Health Foundation and Cancer Care of Marquette County. We have raised $3,000 so far, and are asking you to buy a painting and give generously to help the needy cancer victims in Marquette County. These two organizations helped us when Susan was fighting her battle with cancer. I was disabled and she was dying. That help we received cheered us up and made us cry at their generosity and genuine empathy for our struggle. Now especially with Covid 19, people need help. You can help by adopting a painting or picture frame from the Susan V Reyes Schumacher Memorial Art collection on this website!! 


Please note: Not all paintings and frames displayed on this page are available. Please refer to the “Paintings” and “Handmade Frames” tabs for actual availability!  The Webpage will be updated each midnight. 🙂  

Continue reading below to find out all about  the artist, Susan Reyes Schumacher. 🙂 

Thank you for stopping by on behalf of Susan Vasquez Reyes Schumacher, my deceased Philippine wife.This site was created to honor Susan, who died of non-smokers Lung Cancer at the age of 55. She was truly an extraordinary woman of the world. All that knew her would agree that Susan lived for Jesus every moment in her daily life.  It is in that Spirit that we are holding this fundraiser for cancer victims and families in Marquette County. In the brief 4 years we were married, my life was forever altered. Part of that new life was thrust into the curating and selling of Susan’s art for charity after she passed. Her family and friends received paintings, and I am retaining a select few. The rest of the collection is available to be Adopted by YOU!

Won’t you join me in honoring Susan Reyes Schumacher by buying a painting,  picture frame, or her beautiful custom made easel today? 100% of the profits of this effort will be shared with Cancer Care of Marquette County and the Superior Health Foundation.  I have teamed with these organizations that are helping those victims and families dealing with Cancer in Marquette County . 

Please take your time to visit all the tabs above to learn About Susan, the charities I am fundraising for, and Susan’s art. I invite you to watch the video on this page, read  of  Susan’s life, her inspirations, her loves, under the About Susan tab. 

With our new layout of the web site, Susan’s artworks, including  Paintings, Handmade Frames, and Susan’s Easel, will be easier to view on separate tabs. After finding the artwork that reaches your heart, hit the “Buy” tab and then fill out the form so we can personally contact you to arrange purchase and delivery.  After that, a genuine, unique, and beautiful work of art by Susan V. Reyes Schumacher will be yours the next business day!  Please continue to read about Susan below. Again, thank you for visiting the Susan V. Reyes Schumacher Memorial Fundraising Art Sale!   


Susan Vasquez Reyes Schumacher was a Christian woman who loved the Lord. It changed her life when she dedicated her life to Jesus. After college, Susan spent two years as a missionary serving the indigenous people of the Philippines, her home country. Susan always loved that time of being a missionary, and that is why I have called this website, “”. Susan always loved sharing the word of God with people. And now I would like to utilize her artwork legacy to help the people of the Upper Peninsula that are suffering from cancer. 

Susan left behind more than 75 paintings and picture frames. To honor her, I am having this Memorial Fundraising Art Sale. Certainly, Susan would be thrilled to see the sale of her artworks, and to donate 100% of the profits, to directly benefit those in need in the Upper Peninsula. I have priced Susan’s art based on the prices she sold them. By purchasing her artwork, your support will help me bequeath the funds to Cancer Care of Marquette County, and the Superior Health Foundation, who will benefit from this event.  

  My sincere hope is even more money will be contributed in addition to each sale! The more funds we raise, the more people will be helped in Susan’s name!

To get to know Susan better, you can click on the “About Susan” tab above, and by watching her video on this page. The music on this video were worship songs that Susan requested to be played at her Memorial. I never knew that those were Susan’s favorite worship songs. I hope you enjoy this video I put together to honor her memory. 


Paul M. Schumacher, Widower of Susan Reyes Schumacher

Thank you for helping to support those in need in Marquette County and
the Upper Peninsula by perusing Susan’s Artworks and purchasing one, or