Paintings & Picture Frames for Auction

My name is Paul Schumacher, originally from Detroit, Michigan and a permanent resident of Marquette.

After meeting online at the Christian Café website in 2009, Susan Vasquez Reyes and I married in Seattle, Wa., on May 1, 2013. I then brought Susan home to Marquette where we made our home.

In February of 2016, my wife, Susan V. Reyes Schumacher, was diagnosed with Stage 4, non-small cell, non-smoker, lung cancer. An artist, Susan had emigrated from the Philippines. She hand-picked all the tree bark, rocks, shells, driftwood and pebbles herself from the beaches and woods where she walked. She then turned them into beautiful art. In our home on West Crescent St. in Marquette, Susan created some of her most remarkable frames and paintings. She sold and mailed them all over the world! Susan kept painting right up until the day she had to go to the hospital. Four days later, on June 8, 2017, the world truly lost an amazing daughter, sister, wife and artist. Susan left behind more than 90 painting and picture frames.

To honor her legacy, I am having a Memorial Fundraising Art Sale. Certainly, Susan would be thrilled to see me organize a sale of her artworks, and to donate 100% of the profits to benefit Cancer Care of Marquette County, Care Clinic of  Marquette, and The Superior Health Foundation.  I selected Cancer Care of Marquette County because they helped Susan and I financially when she was ill. Care Clinic of Marquette was our favorite charity to donate to. The Superior Health Foundation was selected because of their work in helping Cancer victims as well. I have priced Susan’s art based on the prices she sold them. 

My sincere hope is even more money will be contributed in addition to each sale to far exceed that goal! The more funds we raise, the more people will be helped in Susan’s name!

All of the works of art sold will include:

• A letter of Authentication • Official Obituary

• A packed and protected artwork

• Pictures of Susan with Paul Schumacher

• A brief story of Susan’s Life

• 100% assurance your contribution will benefit those in need in Marquette County

Please Note: Shipping is not covered in the sales price. However, for convenience it can be added to the final sale price.


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The following items will be available for auction during this event.

Please hover over the painting or picture frame to read the descriptors. Then click on painting for full screen view. 

177. Frame with Mirror - 9x11. Susan’s organic design with driftwood, sea shells and raffia.
178. Frame - 9x11. Susan’s photograph in a frame of Marquette pebbles, driftwood and sea shells with raffia.
179. Frame - 8x8. Susan loved hearts! Marquette driftwood and pebbles, with sea shells.
180. Frame 5 - 6x8. A simple rectangle frame with Marquette pebbles and driftwood.
181. Frame with Mirror - 9x11. All sea shells with mother-of-pearl.
183. Frame - 12x14. A joyful frame of Marquette driftwood, sea shells, and raffia.
184. Frame with Mirror - 10x10. A dramatic square mirror frame of Marquette driftwood with raffia.
185. Frame - 8x8. This is a sensual, organic design of a heart frame with Marquette driftwood and sea shells.
186. Frame - 8x8. Susan had a vision unparalleled in all she did. Marquette driftwood and pebbles, sea shells and raffia.
188. Frame - 8x9. A simply lovely rectangle frame of sea shells.
189. Frame - 7x9. After Susan passed away, I found a huge box of birch bark she was going to make more frames out of and to paint on. Cancer prevented her of creating any more.
190. Frame - 7x8. Susan used to make Biblical inspirational photographs. This is in a frame of Marquette driftwood and sea shells.
191. Frame - 7x8. An off-center frame of Marquette driftwood and pebbles. The piece of wood pointing off the left side, is the frame stand that was not edited out.
192. Frame - 6.5x8.5. More hearts that Susan loved. Marquette driftwood, sea shells and raffia.
194. Frame - 6.5x8.5. Simply beautiful, hand-picked, lacquered pebble heart frame.
195. Frame - 8x8.5. For this beauty, Susan added mother-of-pearl to the lacquered pebble frame.
196. Frame - 12x14. Perhaps Susan’s finest and most complex frame with Marquette driftwood and pebbles, sea shells, and raffia. Magnificent.
197. Frame - 6.5x8.5. Another glorious heart frame with Marquette driftwood, sea shells, and raffia.
198. Custom-Built Portable Wooden Artist Easel. This was Susan’s easel she used for her larger paintings. She used smaller easels for the small paintings. Her friend custom-hand-made it for her out of hardwood. The easel has adjustable trays for different size paintings. It has easy to assemble instructions, and it also comes with a custom-made carrying bag as well!